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26. September

Free Wheel in December

In Danny Antonellis's show "Free Wheel", you’ll hear Alan Robock talk about how and why the earth is getting warmer.

On the political front, well, the neocons are back in power again and they want their pound of Russian flesh, and they are going to try and get it any way they can. Hopefully Europeans, who always suffer the most from wars against Russia, will be able to drag their heels for long enough until sanity returns. But hey, since when has sanity ever sat down at the table next to greed? I mean, even scary old guys like Henry Kissinger are talking about how crazy it is to poke the bear. Of course Dr. K only says these things to a European audience, in an interview with Der Spiegel. He knows that not one newspaper or TV station the the Homeland will repeat a word of what he said.

As usual at the end of the hour, another episode from SUDS, the ultimate soap opera

All the music this morning is from The Pretenders.

Von: Sylvia
Datum: 15.12.2014 18:13

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