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22. August

Backbeat - Musikwoche 2

Es geht weiter mit den Musikwochen bei Backbeat:

Nick Howard is a British singer-songwriter from Brighton, England and is particularly known for being the 2012 winner of the German television show The Voice of Germany. His music has been featured many TV shows and has performed on live television in the US and Europe, including appearances on NBC, Fox and the BBC. Howard has cited a range of musical influences and life experiences when writing and performing. His musical influences include The Beatles, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, The Script, Oasis and Coldplay.

On his tour through Germany Andre had the chance to chat with him. You can listen to the interview on these dates:

Das Interview - und natürlich Musik von Nick Howard ist zu hören in Backbeat:

Erstausstrahlung: Donnerstag, 29. Januar, 20-23 Uhr

Wdh.: Freitag, 9-12 Uhr, Samstag, 17-20 Uhr, Sonntag, 22-01Uhr, Dienstag, 12-15 Uhr

Hier können Sie mehr über Nick lesen:

Das Interview von Andre mit Nick Howard können Sie hier nachhören:

Von: Sylvia
Datum: 27.01.2015 16:45